Paragliding in Snowdonia

Snowdonia is one of the best free flying areas in the U.K., offering high 'alpine' conditions and excellent XC potential for paraglider and hang glider pilot, with no significant airspace restrictions for 100kms.

The three main flying sites are situated at opposite ends of the central valley of Llanberis, making the village an ideal centre for pilots.

Not only does Llanberis have a good tourist infrastructure, but also an excellent centrally located landing field.


Which site today?

Sometimes it's obvious form the forecast, but not often. The basic formula that has evolved for me is ….

What is the wind doing on Lyn Padarn, best seen from the lay-by car park outside Pete's? (before the sea breeze begins). If it's up the lake from Caernarfon then it's either Elider or Elio. Elio if there is any significant N/NE element.

Elider if there is any W.The lighter the isobaric wind, the more the bias towards Elider.
Reinforced by the presence of sun/instability.If it is down the lake (from Pen-Y-Pass), then it's Berfedd or Glyder. Berfedd if the wind at the PYG hotel is more east (the direction of Capel Curig), Glyder if it is due south (up from Nant Gwynant).

It's perfectly possible for gliders to be flying on more than one site at one time. Often the case in NE winds, with good flights being had on both Berfedd and Elio…

so don't succumb to gaggle drag if you wish to try something different.

  access issues  

The local flying club have, Snowdonia Sky Sports, have an open sites policy to informed responsible (but not necessarily respectable!) pilots… so make sure you've read the site guides, checked the latest sites update

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